European Heritage Days: Lived-in Heritage: Perspectives on Cultural Landscape from European Architectural Schools

The workshop <Lived-in heritage: Perspectives on European Cultural Landscapes from Architectural Schools> was organized with the support of the Council of Europe during the European Heritage Days in 2022 in frame of the Grant agreement – European Cross-frontier Cooperation Project.

The proposed project aimed to promote cooperation between academia and practice in the field of cultural heritage at European level, with a specific focus on the notion of cultural landscape in historic urban context through the paradigm of living heritage: engaging people in heritage decision-making and ensuring heritage serves their wellbeing.

The workshop was built on the experience of European exchanges within the Network of Schools of Architecture connected with European Heritage Cities, where we proposed a collaboration of three universities and their proximal World Heritage Sites:

  • Polytechnic University Timișoara and Monumental Ensemble of Târgu Jiu (WH Tentative List)
  • University of Edinburgh and Old and New Town of Edinburgh (WHS 728, 1995)
  • Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University and Residence of Bukovinian and Dalmatian Metropolitans (WHS 1330, 2011)

The project involved academics and postgraduate students from the three universities and colleagues from the wider Network of Sites listed on World heritage List for a series of 2 webinars and 4 days site workshop in Târgu Jiu, Romania.

The first, exchange meeting was in 6th of April 2022 online. These meeting provided a fertile medium for cross-border cooperation sharing experiences from different European perspectives on the cultural landscape dimensions of their respective European Heritage.

The site workshop, was in person and the second meeting in 26 – 29 of July, 2022 in Târgu Jiu, Romania. This workshop aimed to connect with the local community and co-operate with heritage institutions managing the site which investigates the cultural landscape dimension of the Monumental Ensemble <Path of Heroes> of Târgu Jiu, designed by the well-known Romanian artist Constantin Brancusi. During the visit in Targu Jiu there were walking conferences and presentations to all 4 items which form the Monumental Ensemble <Path of Heroes>, but also visits to the local Art Museum and the Folk Architecture Museum at Cârțișoara and outside walking on Parâng Mountain.

The third, corollary meeting in 14th of September 2022 was dedicated to develop together ideas and methodologies for understanding the cultural landscape dimension of heritage and its role for the wellbeing of communities. This was a webinar online where students presented their experience in Targu Jiu.

The proceedings of the meetings and the findings of the workshop will be written up by February 2023 for a multi-lingual online publication in open access format, hosted by the University of Edinburgh.


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